I’ve lived in India, the US, the UK, and the Middle East, but Texas will always be my home country.

Now in a major city of the 10/40 window, I teach and lead the academic program of a theological institute. Before that: a decade of pastoring.

I roast my own coffee.

If I do a second Ph.D… probably sabermetrics.

I have a wife and a number of children, who I love.

Because of the security situation in the part of the world where I live, I don’t use my full name on this site, and do not feel full freedom of speech in addressing certain topics.

The only true God has spoken, so life must be lived under the authority of his sufficient word. He is on a mission to make himself known to all nations, and has invited us into that mission. He accomplishes that mission by building his church. He builds his church through pastors who hold fast to the gospel and proclaim it faithfully.

So it is these topics – Bible, mission, church, theological education – and their various intersections, that I think and write about.



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